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«Matches are won. Victories are enjoyed»

Passion moves us

BeSoccer is as of today the project which is the leader in football information across the world. As a sports application, its more commercial face (B2C), is top 10 in the world aand top 3 in the world when it comes to live football scores. What started as resultados-futbol.com has become in a few years the largest football community in Spain. Nowadays, via all the groups' websites and products, it is the project which is the leader in football information with more than 20 million active users and with content in constant growth and expansion.

Our editorial department

BeSoccer's biggest department is the editorial one. It writes more than 500 news articles a day in Spanish. Thanks to the more than 50 journalists in the team writing in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Italian 24 hours a day, our users can be up to date with the latest news every day.

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Our database

BeSoccer has the largest database in the world of football. In terms of depth, there is nothing in the market like us because we have the 1st to 6th divisions from more than 200 countries covered. It also includes youth competitions in the majority of places where football is bigger professionally. In addition, BeSoccer has diversified its products, exploiting all the potential it has in his database which are focussed on the different actors in the world of football. You can find them in the BeSoccer products' help section.

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