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Escudo de Real Betis Balompié

At the start of December 2017, as if it were a January transfer, we signed the agreement with the Sevillian team. The agreement made BeSoccer an official digital partner of the club. In September 2018, we launched the new webpage and the new iOS and Android app powered by BeSoccer. A move which revolutionised the the digital content of the club which has seen great success within the Betis fanbase.

Real Betis Balompié
Escudo de Espanyol

One of the historic football clubs and a reference of sport in Catalonia is undoubtedly Espanyol. BeSoccer and RCD Espanyol will go hand in hand for the next few seasons (2021/2022). Espanyol will take one more step in the digital transformation process of the club, improving the user experience in the different supports of interaction with the fan, with their new app and with the greatest depth of data on their website.

Escudo de Málaga Cf

In May 2017, we signed our first sponsorship deal with Malaga Football Club, a collaboration agreement which allowed us to become the technological partner and sponsor of the Andalusian club. Intrigued by the success of our app, we decided to create a new official app for the club. A partnership which opened up doors to create other agreements with more clubs in the future.

Málaga Cf
Besoccer Cd Uma Antequera
Escudo de Besoccer Cd Uma Antequera

In 2018, we started our adventure in the world of futsal thanks to a team with which we share not only our colours, but also our values: youth, sport, sporting and professional spirit, teamwork and the desire to progress... More than just a "naming", this partnership between BeSoccer CD UMA Antequera helped us to become a digital leader for LNFS.

Escudo de RC Celta De Vigo

On 10th August 2018, the alliance was formed between the Galician club and the technological company with the biggest footballing database in the world. BeSoccer has given the club an official 'app' for smartphones and tablets with info in real time as well as advising the club when it comes to new technologies.

RC Celta De Vigo
Escudo de alaves

Escudo de Millonarios

BeSoccer agrees it first transatlantic sponsorship to expand its brand. Both entities have an agreed a deal until 31st December 2022. It is a unique and special agreement which makes people happy on both sides of the Atlantic. The prestigious club from Bogota has decided to use 'Besoccer Pro's data and the historic Colombian side are the first to use this tool in Latin America.

Escudo de Lens

We stepped foot on French soil in the best way possible. RC Lens are one of the sports clubs with the biggest following in French football. They have won the league, cup and Intertoto Cup and they are the first team in the country which uses BeSoccer's Besoccer Pro tools as part of their scouting and coaching methods.

Escudo de Cádiz FC

In 2019, as if it were a summer transfer, in the middle of the season Cádiz CF made a star signing: BeSoccer, to add them to their new squad as a digital partner and appear on the sleeve of their home top. After their eagerness to improve and teamwork, Cádiz will play in the Primera División in 2020/21. During that year, of constant sacrifice from the club, BeSoccer became the official technological partner, where they provide access to the scouting tool Besoccer PRO which helps the board with decision making.

Cádiz FC
Granada Cf
Escudo de Granada Cf

On 9th August 2018, BeSoccer and Granada signed a contract for one season. The following year, we decided to renew as digital partners. A strategic relationship that allows Granada to have their own official app and receive the technological support from the company with the biggest database in the world.

Escudo de Zaragoza

BeSoccer has signed a collaboration agreement with the historic club from Zaragoza, to become the 'Data Partner' of the club. Fruit of this new agreement, we will provide API and infographic resources for different online platforms of the club, with statistics in real time and its updated service of Big Data.

Las Palmas
Escudo de Las Palmas

In 2017, after sponsoring Malaga and El Palo, BeSoccer decided to strengthen ties with Las Palmas. They are from the Canary Islands and have played more than 30 seasons in La Liga. Through this agreement, BeSoccer offers its support to the club and becomes their technological partner, as well as personally taking charge of the design and development of their app.

Escudo de Elche FC

BeSoccer keeps on growing. This time we have linked up with a team in the Valencian region. BeSoccer has been Elche's digital partner since June 2019. Both entities have established a collaboration agreement which aims to help both brands grow. BeSoccer will improve Elche's digital platforms by providing them infographs and Api services with stats in real time and our updated 'Big Data' service.

Elche FC
UCAM Murcia
Escudo de UCAM Murcia

At the beginning of 2020, as if it were a late gift from Father Christmas himself, a new agreement was signed in BeSoccer's offices. It was officially announced that the two entities would join forces and channel their football and technological paths to generate powerful synergies for the coming seasons and most likely for all those to come. The entity would become a member of the UCAM Business Club. Thus betting on its CEO, Manuel Agustín Heredia as vice-president of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. And finally the agreement became even more special, when in mid-2020 both sides agreed to change the current name of the stadium to BeSoccer La Condomina.

Escudo de Girona

Girona FC and BeSoccer joined forces in March 2019. The Malaga based company became the developer for the Catalan club's mobile strategy for the next two and a half seasons. BeSoccer will be in charge of technological support for the club through the creation of an exclusive app, which will be the main point of contact between the club and its fans.

CD Tenerife
Escudo de CD Tenerife

We go out West to the Canary Islands for this one. Tenerife and BeSoccer have joined forces and BeSoccer is the Segunda side's new "Technological Partner".

Escudo de Lnfs

The best futsal league in the world decided to make BeSoccer its digital partner in 2018 in order to develop the potential of all the different competitions for the three seasons ahead. A decisive agreement which made BeSoccer a well-known name in the digital world of futsal and football.

The President of the LNFS, Javier Lozano, defined BeSoccer as "the Silicon Valley of Futsal. BeSoccer is an innovative company and we want to work with them to create a synergy, as they help us to be at the forefront of all technology that could help us to get closer with futsal fans on an international level".

Mérida UD
Escudo de Mérida UD

BeSoccer has become the new sponsor of the oldest club in Spanish football. An agreement which comes at a difficult time after an international break and during a pandemic. Nevertheless, the excitment and effort of both entitites has made the agreement go much further than that. BeSoccer, which is now on the front part of Recreativo Huelva's shorts, will also be visible on the club's various channels. It will also become the providers of API and web services and support the club's technological developments.

Escudo de Extremadura UD

In 2019, Extremadura sealed an ambitious collaboration agreement with the large BeSoccer family. The team from Extremadura will give support through it's API of statistical data for all the club's categories, the generation of infographics and videographies and the official app which will also offer access to the club's radio and television channels. All of it developed by its new partner, BeSoccer.

Extremadura UD
CD Badajoz
Escudo de CD Badajoz

BeSoccer becomes a new technological sponsor of the historic side for 2020/21. An agreement which can't come at a better time for the club with them taking part in the Segunda B promotion playoffs. BeSoccer will be in charge of improving the team's official app, as well as creating exclusive content and stats.

Escudo de Leganés

In January 2018, the sponsorship agreement between BeSoccer and Leganes was presented at the Butarque stadium. We have joined forces with the team from the capital, becoming the club's official technological partner and developer of their official app.

Escudo de SD HUESCA

BeSoccer has become the technological partner of the Aragonese club. In addition, Huesca's app will have a special space for the entities business club.

Escudo de Mérida AD

BeSoccer is pleased to announce its arrival at the club. The Malaga-based company will be responsible for offering its API services to the team in Group V of Segunda B, with which it has been working for some time now and with which it will be doing so for at least this season too, pending a possble further agreement in the future.

Mérida AD

BeSoccer welcomes the 'pimentonero’' ensemble as a new member of the family. Murcia is the third historic club in the third category to join the BeSoccer team. For its part, the club will benefit from the logistics and technological tools available to the company, such as the API service and the development of its new app. At the same time, the green logo will be a regular feature in one of the best stadiums in Spanish football. We can already hear the roar of the New Condomina from the BeSoccer offices.

Escudo de Atlético Baleares

Sailing around the Mediterranean we bumped in to a nice surprise. This is how Atlético Baleares joined the #BeSoccerTeams family. Since then, the club presided over by Ingo Volkmann has become the first in the third division to have BeSoccer develop its services as a technological partner. The club's new App is the star product of this new partnership.

Atlético Baleares
Córdoba Cf
Escudo de Córdoba Cf

Córdoba CF and BeSoccer signed a partnership on 17th August 2018 for the 2018-19 season. The agreement provides for the development of an official app and the support and technological backing of BeSoccer, leading company of sport in Spanish and a Top 10 in more than 60 countries.

Escudo de UE Cornellá

The club from Baix Llobregat joins 'the green family' to keep on growing. BeSoccer will appear on the first team's shorts and UE Cornella will be able to make use of the scouting tools for sporting directors, BeSoccer PRO.

UE Cornellá
Escudo de C. de F.ILLUECA

We are off to North-Eastern Spain for our next one. The Aragonese club, together with El Palo and Pozuelo, represent the Tercera Division. Once more, BeSoccer shows its true commitment and will develop the club's app. It will have a powerful tool which differentiates it from the rest of the division.

Escudo de CD Pozuelo

One of the teams in Spanish football to play in green, just like BeSoccer. As "tecnological partner", it will make Pozuelo's fans feel their team's colours more than ever before. They will be able to find out club news and details at any time and place.

CD Pozuelo
UD Melilla
Escudo de UD Melilla

UD Melilla and BeSoccer have joined forces for the 2020-21 season. BeSoccer will be the provider of API services, as well as allowing the club to have all the access to all the information in its extensive database.

Escudo de rozas

El Palo
Escudo de El Palo

Thanks to our proximity and affinity with the club, BeSoccer was able to strike up an agreement with El Palo FC, on another level of Spanish football. More than simply a sponsor, we have a close relationship which unites us in both humility and sacrifice. A relationship which allowed us to be where we are today.

Escudo de Betis Futsal

After entering the futsal market, BeSoccer has been supporting and is on the shorts of the team who have just joined the Spanish top flight.

Betis Futsal
Escudo de PROLIGA

The BeSoccer data complements the work done by ProLiga to improve the services for their websites users. The agreement was completed in the clubs' fourth annual assembly.

Escudo de Betis Femenino

The highest ranked Andalusian football team in the Women's First Division over recent seasons sports BeSoccer's name on their shorts across all fields of fashion, which continues growing in popularity and competitiveness.

Betis Femenino
Málaga Fem
Escudo de Málaga Fem

In the summer of 2018, BeSoccer and the club joined forces, officially offering our support to Malaga women's football team and its academies.

Escudo de Atlético Malagueño

In 2017, we presented the collaboration agreement with the Malaga B team: Atlético Malagueño. An agreement that will make BeSoccer the club sponsor for the next few seasons.

Atlético Malagueño
Madrid CFF
Escudo de Madrid CFF

BeSoccer keeps on showing interest in football and specifically in women's football. After the agreements reached with Malaga and Betis, a third team has joined the family: Madrid Club de Futbol Femenino. One of the teams in the Liga Iberdrola joins this great family, in this case, to add the large amount of data to the information it provides to its fans via the club's website and social media pages.


We are entering a new market, with an entity with whom we share values like sportsmanship, working as a team and personal superation. As well as all these values, BeSoccer becomes the new technological partner of this and exciting competition which is run over stages.

Team Heretics
Escudo de Team Heretics

BeSoccer begins its journey in the world of eSports with Team Heretics. Providing them with web development services and the creation of an online shop.

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